Label: Permanent Vacation Artist: Zombies in Miami
Treck list:
  • 01. Frodo (Edit)
  • 02. Frodo
Download: GoodUser

Zombies are undead by nature and these ones seem to be not only not dead, but very much alive and active: ZOMBIES IN MIAMI is a project created by Canibal & Jenouise and despite the name they are not crawling around Miami, but shining out their light from Mexico. The couple became one of the most prominent members of Mexico's vital electronic scene over the last decade. You can call their sound a rhythmic and synth-driven house and techno hybrid, with a disco and balearic twist, which is held together by the oh so sweet Italo Drama. As the living dead always seemed to be a big inspiration for Italian filmmakers, the love seems mutual and the movie scores rubbed off on the other end as well. After highly acclaimed EPs and tracks for such diverse labels as Gerd Janson's Running Back, Jennifer Cardini's Correspondant, Prins Thomas' Internasjonal as well as Hippie Dance or Bordello A Parigi, here's their debut single for Permanent Vacation previewing their forthcoming album.