Label: Smalltown Supersound Artist: Yoshinori Hayashi
Treck list:
  • 01. 0208 (Prins Thomas Remix)
  • 02. Geckos (Bjorn Torske Version)
  • 03. Bit Of Garden (Prins Thomas Remix)
Download: GoodUser

Bjørn Torske and Prins Thomas follow the trippy lines of Yoshinori Hayashi’s debut album ‘Ambivalence’ to the dancefloor in two expansive remixes. Norwegian disco blue blood Prins Thomas sets his sights on the horizon with a long and winding mid-tempo house take on ‘0208’ illuminated with god-light choral pads and riven with tribal acid vibes. Another Norsk disco blue blood Bjørn Torske helms the flip with a dubbed-out Balearic take on ‘Geckos’ that evens out Hayashiu’s kinks for a bar-friendly sashay.