Label: Crimes Of The Future Artist: Twins
Treck list:
  • 01. Cause Of Dissociation
  • 02. You Take Too
  • 03. You Take Too (Scott Fraser Remix)
  • 04. A Way From Now
Download: GoodUser

Crimes Of The Future rounds off the year in fine style with an absolutely essential EP from Twins. 3 moody US house cuts straight out of Atlanta and a sublime deep remix from label boss Scott Fraser. Opening up with Cause Of Dissociation, a slice of banging Chicago house that would not have been out of place in the hands of Mike Dunn at the warehouse. Rattling drums and percussion a cut up vocal and a killer bassline make for dancefloor devastation. Next up 'You Take too' takes things a little deeper, maintaining the groove with Chicago inspired percussion and filtered drums and stabbing synths grooving the track along. Scott Fraser then takes 'You Take Too' on to 5am on a dark smoke filled dancefloor, with a deep bassline and soaring strings. Adding additional percussion, keys and swirling echoes, could be the sound of a lost Nu Groove classic. Finally things close out with 'A Way From Now' with more Chicago inspired goodness with a funky bassline, pumping percussion and eerie ethereal keys rounding the EP off in fine style.