Label: Houndstooth Artist: Throwing Snow
Treck list:
  • 01. Righteous Mind (TSHA Remix)
  • 02. The Death Of Pragmatism (Makos Split Up Remix)
  • 03. Idealog (AceMo Remix)
Download: GoodUser

Acid trance, D&B and quick techno remixes of Throwing Snow’s blue IDM from TSHA, Mako, and AceMo. AceMo makes the strongest impression with a night-hunting techno remix of ‘Idealog’ in a Suburban Knight-meets-Rob Hood sort of vein, and Mako ratchets the drama of ‘The Death of Pragmatism’ with a vicious, techy D&B rush, leaving TSHA to serve big rooms with something like Carl Craig and Josh Wink’s ketty lovechild.