Label: Polymath Artist: Third Son
Treck list:
  • 01. Summer Long, Now Gone
  • 02. Lifewindow
  • 03. Sandrushka
  • 04. Mallet Finger feat. Michelle Manetti
  • 05. Accident, The Best Artist Of All
  • 06. Surge (feat. C.A.R)
  • 07. Mindcloud
  • 08. Ive Finally Got My Head Together, Now My Body Is Falling Apart
  • 09. Blackhole feat. Joe Wilson
  • 10. You Are The Project
  • 11. Seize What Flees
Download: GoodUser

Joseph Thomas Price also known as Third Son is attempting to write, mix, master and release his debut album in 20 Days, and there forming the title of the work. Based from his home studio, the first note will be recorded on the 1st May and the creative process will be documented throughout. From the first recorded beats to the live studio tutorial videos abling viewer interaction, the end product will be released on his Polymath concept label the day after completion, no if’s, no buts.