Label: Biologic Artist: Panorama
Treck list:
  • 01. Jigsaw Lovers Club
  • 02. Teacher
  • 03. Jigsaw Lovers Club (Aera remix)
  • 04. Jigsaw Lovers Club (Aera ambient mix)
Download: GoodUser

Russian duo Panorama Channel are back on Biologic Records with 'Jigsaw Lovers Club’ featuring two remixes from Berlin based Aera. After releasing on Innervisions and John Talabots Hivern Discs last year Aera is well placed to provide 2 stellar remixes.

Panorama Channel debuted on Biologic, the label belonging to Abstraxion and DC Salas, in 2016 with Chloe’s Dream and on this latest EP the pair continue with their ambition of creating emotional and contemporary electronic music.