Label: Cosmic Bridge Artist: Om Unit
Treck list:
  • 01. Cold Love
  • 02. Passages
  • 03. Out of the Shadows
  • 04. Nothing (feat. Rider Shafique)
  • 05. Unmasked
  • 06. Make Believe (feat. DRS)
  • 07. Twilight
  • 08. Fieldofdreams
  • 09. Despite It All
  • 10. Cloudwerk
  • 11. What I Can Be (feat. Amos)
  • 12. Tahatan
Download: GoodUser

‘Self’ captures Coles in a period of growth, change, and experimentation. Inspired by personal psychological and emotional healing work, and a vision of the self as an egg — which Coles later on discovered is a Jungian archetype - the album blends dubwise, bass-heavy music with the space of experimental ambient compositions and the daring imagination of a cold wave science fiction soundtrack.

The first Om Unit album on Coles’ own Cosmic Bridge label, ‘Self’ offers new forms amid familiar touches. Stripping away what people might expect, Coles deconstructed and reimagined his work so far as a challenge to himself and, in turn, to his fans.