Label: Green Fetish Artist: Oleka
Treck list:
  • 01. Black Camel Kneeled
  • 02. Black Camel Kneeled (Mickey Nox Remix)
  • 03. Tain
  • 04. Tain (Lag Remix)
  • 05. Flatline
Download: GoodUser

We are proud to have ‘Oleka’ apart of the Green Fetish brand. He brings his signature sound across 3 original tracks and really amplifies his own originality. All 3 tracks warp and distort the common sound of “techno” with sharp polished sound design stabs driven by break beat and off beat drum sounds. He really pushes and stretches different sounds past it’s limit but in such a unique way that it still fits into a realm of dance floor tracks that will keep the rave going. Adding diesel to the release, we have saucy remixes from Mickey Nox and the infamous ‘Lag’. All up this 5 Tracker is stacked with power start to finish.