Label: Corresponding Positions Artist: Monya
Treck list:
  • 01. Steine Im Weg
  • 02. Verweht (Perc remix)
  • 03. Verweht (Bas Mooy remix)
  • 04. Verweht (outro mix)
Download: GoodUser

Amazing techno and nothing for weak nerves. Monya starts her own label Corresponding Positions with a belter of an ep. Nothing less then two originals produced by herself plus remixes by Perc and Bas Mooy. While the title track >Steine Im Weg< is constantly raving forward with some distorted yet energetic basslines the second original >Verweht< is more about the atmosphere and depth of sounds. Perc and Bas Mooy both reworked the second track and definitely added a lot of raw power to this piece of vinyl. Its an authentic and varied 4 tracker which will for sure find ist way to plenty of record cases and triggers our curiosity for what Correspondign Positions will come up with in the future. Mastering by Dubit, Soluxion Lab Berlin.