Label: Astral Plane Artist: Maral
Treck list:
  • 01. Lori lullaby
  • 02. Joonies jam
  • 03. Avesta khani reggaeton
  • 04. In this place
  • 05. The empty edit
  • 06. Oi
  • 07. Lorestan reggaeton
  • 08. Setar shred
  • 09. Mahur club
  • 10. So glad i found u
  • 11. Coy dub
  • 12. Dont trip on your way down
  • 13. (un)easy
  • 14. Try, again
  • 15. The wind will carry us
Download: GoodUser

A wild ride through decades of Persian culture.

Mahur Club, the debut release from Maral, is explosive. The ideas are unusual, the bass is fried and there's a jagged but undeniable sense of groove. On Mahur Club, Persian musical history, the LA beat scene, Jersey club and experimental club music jostle in a tumble of sound. The mixtape features Maral's edits of Persian classical, folk and pop (alongside tracks from her contemporaries) fastened to drum patterns that span hip-hop, reggaeton and Jersey club. Sometimes, the lo-fi results recall early Flying Lotus or Onra's Chinoiseries. Other times, they're completely unique.