Label: Brownswood Artist: Mala
Treck list:
  • 01. Kotos (feat. Asociacion Juvenil Puno)
  • 02. Dedication 365
  • 03. Cusco Street Scene
  • 04. Theyre Coming
  • 05. Shadows
  • 06. Cunumicita (performed by Danitse)
  • 07. Take Flight
  • 08. The Calling
  • 09. Inga Gani
  • 10. Looney
  • 11. Markos Swagga
  • 12. Zapateo ( feat. Colectivo Palenke)
  • 13. Sound Of The River (feat. Sylvia Falcon)
  • 14. 4 Elements
Download: GoodUser

Afro-Peruvian bass from the Digital Mystikz legend.

Mala’s second album Mirrors is due out June 10 and promises to build a bridge from Croydon to Lima via his laptop.

Linking tradition Peruvian instrumentation with low-end rumble, to make the record Mala ventured to Peru, visiting Lima along with Cusco and the Sacred Valley just outside of the capital.

Over the course of a month he was exposed to a mixture of folk sounds, from local Afro-Peruvian percussionists and grassroots tap dancers to music from the mountains and Andean sopranos.