Label: LateNightTales Artist: Leifur James
Treck list:
  • 01. Alpine
  • 02. Time
  • 03. Suns of Gold
  • 04. Argonaut
  • 05. Mumma Dont Tell
  • 06. Uncle Blue
  • 07. Night and Day
  • 08. Salaninam
  • 09. Red Sea
  • 10. Osho
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Endorsed by Gilles Peterson and BBC Radio 6, London-based producer/multi-instrumentalist Leifur James now releases his first album on Night Time Stories. Featuring his previous two singles, the Four Tet/Apparat-esque ‘Argonaut’ and the spaciously arranged but densely packed ‘Night and Long’, ‘A Louder Silence’ brims with electronic and contemporary jazz talents. Contrasting jazz breaks with analogue synth arrangements and classical instrumentation, Leifur James’s debut album is an optimistic mixture of sounds and influences.