Label: Decisions Artist: Laughing Ears
Treck list:
  • 01. Blue Dusk
  • 02. A Tinge Of Hope
  • 03. The Smiling Mask
  • 04. Smash The Shackles
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Shanghai-based Laughing Ears extends her praxis of psycho-sonic inquiry on 'Blue Dusk', DECISIONS' first release of 2020. Laughing Ears deep-dives a crepuscular environment teeming with insectile percussion and thrumming sub bass, illuminated by brilliant searchlight melodies. Impeccable sound design and unconventional voicings compel the listener into uncharted territories, simultaneously smooth and striated, tempestuous and tranquil. Laughing Ears' track titles evoke the conflict of processing distress and trauma while attempting to appear outwardly calm. The tenor of the release journeys through a constellation of unease, hope, maintaining face and finally, breakthrough.