Label: BNR Trax Artist: Jon Convex
Treck list:
  • 01. A Good Woman
  • 02. Disconnect YRSLF
  • 03. Anger Levels
  • 04. Transient
Download: GoodUser

UK techno producer Damon Kirkham returns to his Jon Convex moniker for his debut on Berlin’s Boys Noize Records. A repeater for Exit Records and Nonplus Records, a lot of which as part of the Instra:mental project with Boddika, Kirkham has forged his signature, bass-emphasising style that is well suited to the Berlin imprint. On Anger Levels, Kirkham opts for a dark, sub-heavy sound profile: the opener unfolds its unsettling potential by courtesy of its pitched-down, spookily warped spoken word vocal and atmospheric synths lurking beneath the surface. The title track lives up to its name, agitation rises as its abrasive, delusional melodies loose their mind over the brutal punching of the beat.