Label: Avenue 66 Artist: Joey Anderson
Treck list:
  • 01. My Dream
  • 02. Heaven Help Us
  • 03. Beside Me
  • 04. Ocean
  • 05. Live It
  • 06. Bounce With It
  • 07. Cindy
  • 08. Can Not
Download: GoodUser

Joey Anderson’s first LP since 2015 is a spiritualised set of house and tech-house from the New Jersey producer. Rainbow Doll’s combination of thick-cut, classicist grooves and lucid-dream production has something of Hieroglyphic Being about it. A further air of haziness is added by Anderson’s vocals, warm and soulful and vaguely operatic on tracks like ‘Beside Me’. For those who like to drop the more contemplative joints late in the dance, Rainbow Doll is the one for you.