Label: Planet Mu Artist: Jlin
Treck list:
  • 01. Black Origami
  • 02. Enigma
  • 03. Kyanite
  • 04. Holy Child
  • 05. Nyakinyua Rise
  • 06. Hatshepsut
  • 07. Calcination
  • 08. Carbon 7 (161)
  • 09. Nandi
  • 10. 1
  • 11. Never Created, Never Destroyed
  • 12. Challenge (To Be Continued)
Download: GoodUser

"You start off as this blank sheet of paper, this innocent thing. And then life starts bending and folding, bending and folding... I'm still being bended and folded. We all are." When explaining the title of her new album to Pitchfork, Jlin suggested this process eventually makes us into a "beautiful" piece of origami. But her tracks, which she composes from beginning to end without going back to make structural revisions, emphasise the turbulent folding process over the outcome. Her unique and overwhelming new album, Black Origami, doesn't present an attractive finished form so much as an identity in the chaotic process of taking shape.