Label: Bad Taste Artist: Jack Danz
Treck list:
  • 01. Opening
  • 02. Abandon the Wrist
  • 03. Wind Up Merchant
  • 04. Schools Out
  • 05. Neville Bartoss
  • 06. 5 Finger Discount feat. Lee Scott
  • 07. Colts Buddies
  • 08. Ouija Slang
  • 09. Sanctuary Steps feat. Swish
  • 10. Damn Son
  • 11. Prolific
Download: GoodUser

Ouija Slang is the debut solo LP from Leeds resident Jack Danz. Part beatmaker, part MC, Danz makes that raw hip hop that’s heavily influenced by 90’s boom bap whilst still taking cues from the new school to keep his sound relevant.

The album title, cover and sampled film dialogue depict a dark tone throughout Ouija Slang but Jack Danz maintains a sense of humour in his punch-lines to keep it all in balance:
‘me? I dance round the subject like a politician’.

There’s guest verses from Blah Records boss Lee Scott on ‘5 Finger Discount’ and Leeds based MC Swish on ‘Sanctuary Steps’. Morriarchi provides production duties on ‘Colts Buddies’ and Prolific produced the albums’ closing track, also named ‘Prolific’.