Label: Berceuse Heroique Artist: Interstellar Funk
Treck list:
  • 01. Caves Of Steel
  • 02. No Direction To Spacetown (Feat Jeroen)
  • 03. Caves Of Steel (Convextion Remix)
  • 04. The Strips
Download: GoodUser

Ace four-tracker.
Caves was created in the aftermath of a devastating set by DJ Stingray, and sounds like it: storming but funky, infused with the spirit of classic Detroit techno. Spacetown marries Arpanet and John Carpenter, with a saturnine melody which sticks in the mind.
Flip it for a deadly Caves remix by man-of-the-year Convextion, inimitably sci-fi but banging, and the elemental, ambient accomplishment of The Strips, consolidating the promise on show throughout.