Label: Firecracker Artist: Georgia
Treck list:
  • 01. Ayolas
  • 02. Othonoi
  • 03. Askja
  • 04. West Of Luzon
  • 05. Iwate
  • 06. Wupatki
  • 07. Tioga Nicetown
  • 08. Pura Bratan
  • 09. Suali
  • 10. Sabalan
  • 11. Desta Tinanitina Mata
  • 12. Larki
  • 13. Celebes Water
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Georgia, the New York-based duo of Brian Close and Justin Tripp, are the definition of hard to define. Since they first emerged in 2012, their signature style has embodied the Fourth World attitude, feeding on pan-global, non-standard rhythms and folky source material filtered through an unhinged electronic lens. The resulting stew is often chaotic, but always executed with a deft touch that juggles daunting layers of organic and synthetic instrumentation. There's no one who sounds quite like them—perhaps the closest you could find is the free-jazz-funneling beatsmith Afrikan Sciences. Georgia's latest album, on Firecracker, once again sends the listener to far-flung imaginary lands.