Label: Sneaker Social Club Artist: Foul Play
Treck list:
  • 01. Finest Illusion
  • 02. Survival
  • 03. Dubbing You
  • 04. The Alchemist
  • 05. Feel The Vibe
  • 06. Feel The Vibe (Again)
  • 07. Screwface
  • 08. Ricochet
  • 09. Ricochet (No Stopping The Remix)
  • 10. Ragatere
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UK hardcore was a scene famous for its smiley approach. All high-energy breakbeats, pitched-up vocal samples, frenetic synth stabs, and burbling basslines, it played out in vast warehouses and airport hangars to a broad cross-section of care-shorn ravers. Foul Play remain one of the most influential acts to emerge from this scene in the early ’90s, and would go on to have an instrumental impact on the development of jungle and drum & bass, too. As such, Origins is an ideal introduction to this storied sound.