Label: Blueberry Artist: Faltydl
Treck list:
  • 01. Ill Bent
  • 02. Ill Bent (Benny Ill Remix (Straight up Ill Mix))
  • 03. Is It Safe
  • 04. Ill Bent (Benny Ill Remix (Fat Larry's Revenge Mix))
Download: GoodUser

Yo Falty why don't you do the old school shuffle anymore What happened, maaaaan OK, held this one back from 2011. All the garage and 2-step workouts I made were inspired by hours and hours of listening to Horsepower Productions, Zed Bias, El-B, Darqwan... I studied them. This tune in particular inspired by Benny Ill himself. Ill Bent was never released, I always held back some exclusives for my sets. No one had it. Benny Ill remixed the track in fine style, both Straight up and with a Fat Larry spin. We were talking, Benny and I, and he mentioned he used to live in Brooklyn. So he submitted Is It Safe, a tune he made while living not far from where I live now in NYC, to conclude the EP. Heavy! (note, the first letter in Benny's last name is a capitol 'i') Track A1 produced by FaltyDL.