Label: Astralwerks Artist: Cut Copy
Treck list:
  • 01. Standing In The Middle Of The Field
  • 02. Counting Down
  • 03. Black Rainbows
  • 04. Stars Last Me A Lifetime
  • 05. Airborne
  • 06. No Fixed Destination
  • 07. Memories We Share
  • 08. Living Upside Down
  • 09. Tied To The Weather
Download: GoodUser

The Australian band’s reverence for reference is part of their allure and their fifth album sticks to the tried-and-true pop formulas of the past.

Cut Copy have always been a band of fans, dedicated students of composition and production whose ideas feel reverential rather than revolutionary. Looking back over the Australian quartet’s lengthy career—their ’80s mish-mashing debut, Bright Like Neon Love, came out thirteen years ago—you can trace the zeitgeist of a decade of what we once called “dance-rock” but now identify as the electrofied, groove-led sound of contemporary indie rock, from Tame Impala to Glass Animals.