Label: Because Artist: Cerrone
Treck list:
  • 01. The Impact
  • 02. Resolution
  • 03. Air Dreaming
  • 04. DNA
  • 05. Ive Got a Rocket
  • 06. Let Me Feel
  • 07. Close to the Sky
  • 08. Experience
  • 09. Prediction
Download: GoodUser

There are few artists with a legacy like Cerrone. The French producer, drummer, composer and artist has amassed a discography over the years that stands among the very best. Cutting his teeth in the late 60s and early 70s with the rise of disco, Cerrone has been a staple of music since then. His music has evolved over time, but still keeps much of the same synth-led spirit. Today he has released his new album DNA – a powerful message about the threats humanity is facing with climate change and our damage to the world around us. The chugging synths and drums all convey a sense of urgency to his message. This time around, we got the legend to take us into the studio for a How It Was Made feature.