Label: Tau Artist: Biesmans
Treck list:
  • 01. Inglorious Express
  • 02. Prisoner Of Love
  • 03. Satellite Beach
Download: GoodUser

Joris Biesmans and Damien Vandesande are a formidable duo with impressive backgrounds. Both artists used to have their studios at the same place in Berlin, where Vandesande got to work as part of widely-regarded performers dOP. Meanwhile Biesmans, originally from Belgium, is relatively new to the scene and releases his music on labels like Correspondant and Watergate, where he was an integral part of club working as their sound technician for many years before he started making music full-time. Together they have formed an awesome partnership through which they are channeling their combined experience and passion for exploring the sprawling cosmos of electronic music. Their debut on TAU is a collection of three stunning cuts, each incorporating indie influences and evoking a range of emotions.