Label: InFine Artist: Aarp
Treck list:
  • 01. Ca fuit de partout
  • 02. Condamnez-vous les violences
  • 03. The Axis of Evil
  • 04. Less Than 1 of Patients Become Addicted
  • 05. There Is No Alternative
  • 06. Nada es gratis en esta vida
  • 07. The Herbicide That Gets to the Root of the Problem
  • 08. I Prefer a Liberal Dictator to Democratic Government Lacking Liberalism
  • 09. Green Growth
  • 10. Delivering a Smoke-Free Future
  • 11. Les malheureux sont les puissances de la Terre
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Classically trained experimentalist Aarp releases his compositionally expansive and pointedly political debut album via InFiné. ‘Propaganda’ is an album that rewards repeat listens and inspires research, pushing listeners to look for the truth beyond the headlines.