Label: Local Action Artist: Yamaneko
Treck list:
  • 01. Spirals Heaven Wide
  • 02. Hikikomori
  • 03. Kalimotxo
  • 04. Fading Embers
  • 05. Haunts
  • 06. This Spring of Love
  • 07. Balstonia
  • 08. Fall Control
  • 09. Like the Rain Only Gentle
  • 10. You Envied the Stars Their Height
  • 11. (True Ending)
Download: GoodUser

One of the most quietly influential underground artists of recent times, Yamaneko returns with Spirals Heaven Wide, his fourth full-length album. Since breaking through in 2014 with his cult debut album Pixel Wave Embrace, Yamaneko has been one of the key artists re-contextualising ambient music for a new generation, crafting fragile compositions that draw as much from the angular shapes of grime, techno and keygen music as they do the soothing soundscapes of new age cassettes, ambient records and video game soundtracks.