Label: Heist Artist: Various Artists
Treck list:
  • 01. Fouk - Need My Space (Detroit Swindle Remix)
  • 02. Perdu - Sacramento (Makez Remix)
  • 03. Demuir - The 3nity Returneth (Fouk Remix)
  • 04. Detroit Swindle - Music for Clubs (feat. Lorenz Rhode) (Perdus Culture Mix)
  • 05. Makez - Random Visits (Demuirs Playboy Edit)
Download: GoodUser

6th year of Heist Recordings with annual potpourri of remixes with 2019 year's artists on 'The Round up part VI'. 2019 year, got a few really cool newcomers on the label like Demuir, Perdu and Makez, as well as label mainstays Fouk and yours truly delivering a great collection of remixes.