Label: Local Action Artist: Sharda
Treck list:
  • 01. Ravecity Riverfront
  • 02. Alpine
  • 03. Tunnel Vision
  • 04. Replay
  • 05. Memory
  • 06. Rowdy Boy Ringroad
Download: GoodUser

Inch-tight garage arrows from Sharda, the most up-for-it alias of Chris Pell aka Murlo.

Doing it for his people at Local Action after shots via Swing Ting and Kiwi Rekords, Sharda pops the cork on six tip-toe bubblers buttoned up and polished for friday/saturday nights on the lash in your Louboutins/Air Max and matching Moschino playsuit.

The vibe rolls out from 127bpm warm-up mode in the wavy ‘Ravecity Riverfront’ to pizzicato strings and pitching vocals on the sizzling pivot of ‘Alpine’, and latinate, bubbling’ breaks tucked in ‘Tunnel Vision’, while ‘Replay’ pushes the tempo up to debonaire speed garage disco rufige, ‘memory’ ramps to happy hardcore levels of rave recklessness sure to get a lot of play ‘round our way along with the bullish, gibber-jawed peak of ‘Rowdy Boy Ringroad’.