Label: Ostgut Ton Artist: Phase Fatale
Treck list:
  • 01. Velvet Imprints
  • 02. Binding By Oath
  • 03. Polystyrene
  • 04. During The Freezing Process
  • 05. Mass Deception
  • 06. Proxy Contact
  • 07. De-patterning
  • 08. Splintered Heels
Download: GoodUser

Poster boy for the neo-EBM revolution, Phase Fatale attacks with muscular gusto on his debut album for Ostgut Ton. Booting off two years after his ‘Redeemer’ album for Hospital Productions and leading from his link-up with Silent Servant, Berlin’s Hayden Payne aka Phase Fatale defines EBM in 2019 as a more economic sibling to its ‘80s forebears, essentially leaving the hoary vocals but accentuating its kinky, percussive drive and industrial sound design.