Label: Lumiere Noire Artist: Inigo Vontier
Treck list:
  • 01. Xu Xu
  • 02. Bo Ni Ke
  • 03. Awaken
  • 04. Dont Go Back
  • 05. Chiquitita
  • 06. Little Monster
  • 07. Brujos
  • 08. Marijuana
  • 09. I Never Try
Download: GoodUser

Hot off the heels of Aluxes, his 2018 Lumière Noire debut EP, young Mexican DJ/producer Iñigo Vontier is inviting Chloé's label on a trip to the far corners of the body & mind with an album of demented grooves, psychedelic take-offs and imaginary comic strips of mystical rituals. A bewitching debut full-length. Mexicans may never possess the sonic science of the Germans, the hedonistic madness of the English or the gift for synthesis of the French, but, as proven by Iñigo Vontier's first full-length for Lumière Noire, their universe is much more exciting than anyone would have ever thought.