Label: Ghostly International Artist: Com Truise
Treck list:
  • 01. Persuasion System
  • 02. Persuasion System (Anastasia Kristensen Remix)
  • 03. Persuasion System (Anastasia Kristensen Ambient Rework)
Download: GoodUser

The title cut from Com Truise’s recent mini-LP Persuasion System receives two contrasting treatments from Copenhagen techno hero Anastasia Kristensen. First, she takes the track to the dancefloor in a punishing remix that ups the original’s urgency. Then she smooths it out with a meditative ambient rework, reducing the system to trace elements of static. Kristensen has made waves lately with releases on Warp’s Arcola imprint and Fabric’s Houndstooth label, and sought after DJ sets at festivals around the world.