Label: Kitsune Artist: Pat Lok
Treck list:
  • 01. Pat Lok (feat. Kate Stewart) - Know Me (Matvei Remix)
  • 02. Pat Lok (feat. Luke Burr) - Fearless (Sheki Remix)
  • 03. Pat Lok (feat. Dances With White Girls) - From the Back (Midas Hutch Remix)
  • 04. Pat Lok (feat. Hannah YADi) - So over It (Golf Clap Remix)
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Corazon was the latest release from Canadian DJ Pat Lok on Parisian label Kitsune. With almost 2 million cumulated streams on streaming platforms, Corazon includes some of Pat Lok's most popular tunes such as 'From The Back' or 'Know Me'. This new EP proposes remixes from Corazon by artists such as Matvei (latest signee on Kitsune), Sheki, Midas Hutch and Golf Clap.