Label: Mute Artist: HAAi
Treck list:
  • 01. Dont Flatter Yourself Love
  • 02. Stop Looking At Me Swan
  • 03. 6666
  • 05. It is Something We Can All Learn From
  • 06. Systems Up, Windows Down
Download: GoodUser

Throssell grew up in a mechanic shop owned by her stepfather, and its mechanical whirring and car samples seep into her increasingly rave-leaning production. Her new project, the six-track Systems Up, Windows Down continues in this vein, though HAAi tasked herself with producing on the road rather than feeling tied down to her studio. “I wanted to test myself,” she explains, “It feels like the next sonic generation for me.” The track titles (‘Don’t Flatter Yourself Love’ refers to an in-joke between Throssell, her girlfriend and Avery, and ‘CHONKIBOI’ is, you guessed it, an ode to the chunky dog) are synonymous with Throssell’s light-hearted attitude.