Label: Gudu Artist: Dmx Krew
Treck list:
  • 01. CJ Vibe
  • 02. DXIOO
  • 03. Dont You Wanna Play
  • 04. 110 Series
Download: GoodUser

Peggy Gou Picks up DMX Krew for the 2nd release on Gudu Records, chasing up her ‘Moment’ EP with 4 fructose-boosted swingers, jackers, and romancers in a Braindance style.

‘CJ Vibe’ swangs out on a wickedly off-kilter garage-tech pivot with infectiously ribboning lead and ecce-trigger pads; ‘DXIOO’ gets your shoulders into it with sizzling hi-hats and ruddy bass in a Mayday style; ‘Don’t You Wanna Play’ ramps the campness with kinky cowbells and neuro-jiggin’ vamps; ’110 Series’ slows down to a sleek, purring swagger layered with wonky, come-to-bed-eyed synths.