Label: Studio Barnhus Artist: Bella Boo
Treck list:
  • 01. Can not Leave You Like This
  • 02. She is Back!
  • 03. Tuesday
  • 04. Hotel Europa (feat. Gnucci)
  • 05. Your Girlfriend
  • 06. Stars
  • 07. Way Chill (feat. Def Sound)
  • 08. Do The Right Thing
  • 09. Flightmode (feat. Axel Boman)
Download: GoodUser

Once Upon A Passion is the debut album from Bella Boo, arriving on Studio Barnhus shortly after a sprinkling of releases through the label that have quickly established the currently LA-based producer (and longtime Stockholm dj hero) as one of dance music's most distinctive new voices. Throughout its 9 tracks we are treated to a fascinating, wider-than-ever view of Bella's uniquely intimate and personal world of sound. The album features vocal contributors Gnučči and Def Sound as well as Nils Janson on trumpet and Axel Boman on acid bassline. Cover photo by Bozi Borbély Espinosa, artwork by Alexandra Karpilovski.