Label: SVBKVLT Artist: Zaliva-D
Treck list:
  • 01. Flutter
  • 02. Calling
  • 03. Groan
  • 04. Itself
  • 05. Flutter (Dis Fig Remix)
  • 06. Groan (Citizen Boy Remix)
  • 07. Calling (Tayhana Remix)
Download: GoodUser

Cranky, tangy industrial downstrokes from one of Beijing’s most distinctive units, chasing their Knekelhuis LP with a killer batch for Shanghai’s Sbvkvlt, b/w remixes by Dis Fig, Citizen Boy, Tayhana.

Saliva D’s Li Chao takes the reins on four bandy-legged lurchers, clocking up slow, booming industrial drums and strained chorales in a manner recalling Threshold HouseBoys Choir rituals, whereas ‘Callign’ diffracts the groove between percolate slow/fast patterns and sludgy wade, and ‘Itself’ tilts the pace upward, while processed voices and dissonant synths trade places.

Dis Fig does her reverb heavy and noisy thing to ‘Flutter’, beside a rugged Gqom refit of ‘Groan’ by Durban’s Citizen Boy, and Naafi crew’s Tayhana takes ‘Calling’ from a rugged reggaeton angle.