Label: Ninja Tune Artist: Tycho
Treck list:
  • 01. Easy
  • 02. Pink & Blue (feat. Saint Sinner)
  • 03. Japan (feat. Saint Sinner)
  • 04. Into The Woods
  • 05. Skate (feat. Saint Sinner)
  • 06. For How Long (feat. Saint Sinner)
  • 07. No Stress (feat. Saint Sinner)
  • 08. Weather
Download: GoodUser

The release marks a bold step forward for Tycho with the introduction of vocal led tracks – the first of which is streaming today. “Pink & Blue” combines the foundation of Hansen’s distinctive, vivid signature soundscapes with the delicate, velvety vocals of Hannah Cottrell, aka Saint Sinner, to luscious effect. It is joined by a companion video - the first music video that Scott has been intimately involved with producing, acting as Creative Director. It was directed by Chloe Corner and stars Saint Sinner.