Label: Balance Artist: Stereo Underground
Treck list:
  • 01. Flying Glow
  • 02. The Art of Silence
  • 03. Little Red Head
  • 04. Above the Sea of Fog
  • 05. Echoes
  • 06. Breakfast on Mars
  • 07. Lost in Words
  • 08. Wanderlust
  • 09. Mind Hunter
  • 10. Technomalya
  • 11. For a Moment of Truth
Download: GoodUser

It's often said that the gaps in between the notes are as important as the notes themselves. Stereo Underground pays homage to that attitude on his magical debut album, The Art of Silence, immersing the listener in widescreen atmospherics, succinct, spacious arrangements and stunning melody throughout. This wonderful record for Balance Music follows previous full-length artist albums on the Australian label from the likes of Clarian and Brian Cid.