Label: Discotexas Artist: Oma Nata
Treck list:
  • 01. The Discovery
  • 02. Fathers Son
  • 03. Isso e Amor
  • 04. A Day To Forget
  • 05. A Place In Me
  • 06. Lost Kid
  • 07. Memories
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Oma Nata's music crosses boundaries between jazz, house, dub and electronica; exploring a moody, vibrant and exotic sound. Born and raised in Portugal, Mário da Motta Veiga has made his path through music by playing different instruments in metal and electronic bands before moving to London. Between London and Berlin, Mário started to shape music into an ever-changing constellation of sounds and introspective moods that connects us to his own spiritual discovery.

His debut album 'The Discovery' sees all influences come together as one in a seven track masterpiece. The opening and title track welcomes you with intricate melodic and rhythmical elements, chugging along in a more club focused production. 'Father's Son', having been previously released last year still stands strong amongst the album playing a key role in the collection.