Label: Warp Artist: Nightmares On Wax
Treck list:
  • 01. Back To Nature (Lobos On Wax House Mix)
  • 02. Back To Nature (Ricardo Villalobos Back To Earth Mix)
Download: GoodUser

Ricky V takes N.O.W.’s chill-out bar vibe to the terrace in two bendy tech-house remixes.

Taking the opener to 2018’s ‘Shape The Future’, Villalobos returns a rolling swell of symphonic soul strings, voice-in-your-head patter, and sibilant hi-hats to guide your limbs on the 10 minute 1st mix.

The 15 minute-wide 2nd version is craftier, coaxing a wormy electro groove into squirming permutations around over-the-shoulder vocals, while the groove very gradually straightens out into a supple 4/4 with Villalobos’ patented sleight-of-hand.