Label: Denovali Artist: Multicast Dynamics
Treck list:
  • 01. Arrival
  • 02. Ancient Circuits
  • 03. Radiation Chamber I
  • 04. Time Factor
  • 05. Oceana
  • 06. Iris I
  • 07. Observation Deck
  • 08. Source Code
  • 09. Iris II
  • 10. Eastman Tape
  • 11. Intermission
  • 12. Zero Weight
  • 13. Edge of Dreams
  • 14. Radiation Chamber II
  • 15. Transition
Download: GoodUser

This is a mysterious album that wants you to engage not only with the music, but with what it means. Where it takes you. What happened before it started and what will happen long after it ends. How did you get here? Where will you go? Listening to it is like tuning into a world that already exists, somewhere, like some distant sci-fi reality turned underwater ruin that has a million stories to tell if only you can find them. It’s an isolated world that is somehow alive with microbial life, crumbling architecture and radioactive energy that leaves you with a thousand questions as you descend ever deeper in search of some form of truth.