Label: Permanent Vacation Artist: Marvin
Treck list:
  • 01. Hint Of 92
  • 02. Hint Of 92 (Underspreche Remix)
  • 03. Discoteque
  • 04. Colours
Download: GoodUser

This time Marvin & Guy, or Alessandro & Marcello, if you like, explore all of those influences throughout their musical career. On the title track “Hint of ‘92″ they clearly pay tribute to that Techno/Trance from early 90s we all fell in love with at least one time. But they are not all about the pure retroness, instead M&G approach the matter with a contemporary point of view and their distinctive production knowledge. The track also features fellow Italian Marika from Underspreche on vocals, who also contributed a Discoid remix to the original. “Discoteque” may remind you of the early Marvin & Guy sound: rough, chunky, rocky and full of disco-ish energy. While “Colours” is a calmer, yet mental trip, with delays that the Idjut Boys would be proud of.