Label: Let’s Play House Artist: Malouane
Treck list:
  • 01. At Least Trying
  • 02. Faith Hiva
  • 03. Escalating
  • 04. Silly Approach
  • 05. Toura Toura
  • 06. Tuna Dance
  • 07. Dring
  • 08. Drang
  • 09. Archipelago
  • 10. Suavemento
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Across these ten tracks, Malouane takes us on new age-indebted journeys down cobblestone paths banked with flowering cherry blossom, to clear-sky tropical beach sunsets, on hang glider flights across endless fields of golden wheat. As the LP progresses, the tempo picks up and the ambient washes and puffs of pads pull back to make way for dancier rhythms, but even in these moments, Daze Island is a tranquil affair, pressed first and foremost with a desire to independently explore the mysterious worlds within.