Label: Trust Artist: Luxus Varta
Treck list:
  • 01. Flash Tension
  • 02. Sex After Midnight
  • 03. Kims Revenge
  • 04. Side Effect
  • 05. Invisible
Download: GoodUser

“Colder” is a homage to human solitude, a reflection on the breakdown of human relationships, when callousness takes over from emotion, and physical contact becomes but a perfunctory exercise. Luxus Varta translates these feelings into five tracks that contrast harshness with beauty, distance with immediacy. From bass-propelled opener “Flash Tension” to melancholic finale “Invisible”, complex melodies and translucent synths are set against a background of abrasive noises, bitcrushed effects, and Luxus Varta’s unmistakably inventive beat making.