Label: Fabric Artist: Kolsch
Treck list:
  • 01. US1873
  • 02. LH479
  • 03. SK1550
  • 04. EZY865
  • 05. VA5641
  • 06. AC1609
  • 07. KM477
  • 08. VY3517
  • 09. UA444
  • 10. EI3227
Download: GoodUser

Fabric presents Kölsch is a ten-track journey of exclusive new material from a pioneer of dance floor melancholy.

A mainstay of German imprint Kompakt, Kölsch is responsible for developing an immersive, leftfield aesthetic now synonymous with the label. Opting for rich, cinematic palettes over monochromatism, his sound offers an alternative vision of techno, championing vivid imagery that appeals to the vast spectrum of human emotion.