Label: Ni Un Pero Artist: Greg Beato
Treck list:
  • 01. EML Granular
  • 02. No Shooters
  • 03. Xioo
  • 04. Carr
  • 05. Just Glassin
  • 06. DRGNSL (Gregs Nuance Dub)
  • 07. Levantate Gregoriooo
  • 08. Peace and Quiet
  • 09. Finger Trance
Download: GoodUser

The enigmatic Greg Beato keeps us guessing with new cassette LOUD. Beato has always been one for trying out new sounds and styles, and with LOUD he extrapolates that spirit of invention out over a full-length album for the first time since 2017’s El Tipo Mas Bonito En La Generacion De Los Feos.