Label: Roche Musique Artist: Dabeull
Treck list:
  • 01. Day & Night (feat. Holybrune)
  • 02. Love You so Much (feat. Darius, Kunta)
  • 03. Last Night (feat. Jordan Lee)
  • 04. You & I (feat. Holybrune)
  • 05. DR. Fonk (feat. Rude Jude, Rush Davis)
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Dabeull is fueled by love and new meetings, notably with Cézaire, head of Roche Musique (FKJ, Kartell, Darius), which was defining and which led him back “In Da Studio”, title of the compilation album and of its corresponding web series. The album cover features a character all dressed in white, much like a laughing Dr. Strangelove, with a prominent moustache, surrounded by his vintage machines that create the Dabeull sound. « My goal is to make music the way it was made back in the days – late 70s, early 80s – I wish they would have kept making it that way so I am doing it for them” he says with a smile. All the music he loves comes from then, it comes from the synths.