Label: Internasjonal Artist: Cooper Saver
Treck list:
  • 01. Hill Street Beat
  • 02. Hill Street Beat (Matt Karmil Remix)
  • 03. Star System
  • 04. Star System (Prins Thomas Remix)
Download: GoodUser

Fresh from recent remixes for The Golden Filter and Perel we're proud to present the debut 12 from Cooper Saver backed with remixes from Matt Karmil and Prins Thomas. Cooper Saver is a Los Angeles based DJ and producer responsible for Far Away - a roaming party, cassette mixtape series, and radio show on Dublab. Over the last 6+ years, Cooper has consistently brought unique and underrated talent from abroad to LA for his late-night warehouse party, split between time traveling the world as a DJ. On the production front, he's spent a handful of years developing his sound as a busy remixer - most recognized for frequent remixes for DFA Records.