Label: Tectonic Artist: Cocktail Party Effect
Treck list:
  • 01. Shattered Retina
  • 02. Triops
  • 03. When the Gun Claps
  • 04. I Feel Sick
Download: GoodUser

Bassbin-worrying rufige from Charlie Baldwin aka Kasket aka Cocktail Pary Effect on Pinch’s Tectonic Label.

In pursuit of his 2018 EP for Cold, CPE steps up to its parent label with a granite cut quartet of heaviness, displaying some serious subbass nous in the writhing minimalism of the title tune, while ‘Triops’ hinges hard drums around a heart monitor bleep, and ‘When The Gun Claps’ harness a proper bone-rattling swing groove beside the ruthless rail gunning drum attack of ‘I Feel Sick.’