Label: Hivern Discs Artist: Cleveland
Treck list:
  • 01. Polar
  • 02. DX6
  • 03. Noord
  • 04. 6IX
  • 05. Govlin
  • 06. Kobu
  • 07. nDSi
Download: GoodUser

Electronic music has been quite obsessed with its past canon for a while. Ongoing trends such as the reissue frenzy or the obsession with vintage equipment make it harder than it should be to find music that feels absolutely contemporary. But Cleveland's 'nDSi' is a prime example of it. His new double EP showcases an evolution of his sound into more minimalist and forward-looking grounds. The crystal-like textures and playfulness are still there, but displayed with a much more ambitious approach. The seven tracks of the double EP are an exploration of futuristic soundscapes delineated with swirling tones, understated rhythms and ever-evolving patterns.